Looking after yourself should be your first priority.

Netto Invest offers wealth management that maximises the probability of you achieving your financial goals to help you do just that.

Retired couple

The world of personal finance is complex.

Having objective investment advice can make all the difference. Whether it’s local South African investments, retirement funds, trusts and more, we bring our knowledge to bear on making the most of your portfolio specifically for you.

Advice from a professional financial planner can see you through all of life’s stages.

Could you benefit from advice from Netto Invest?

Your financial situation is complex

You have intricate financial structures, offshore investments, estate planning issues and a whole lot of emotional complexity added into the mix. This is where Netto’s wealth managers shine – using their qualifications, experience and expertise to solve even the most demanding financial puzzles.

You don’t know where to start with your financial affairs

Getting to grips with your finances can be somewhat overwhelming for many of us. From retirement savings to investments and everything in between – if you’re not financially savvy it can feel like a minefield. The lingo alone can be bewildering! A wealth manager at Netto Invest will guide you through the financial planning process and coach you through the decision-making process.

You’re afraid your savings won’t last through retirement

Most people won’t be ready to retire from a financial point of view when they hit 65 and most people aren’t sure about the difference between a provident fund and pension fund. Seeking advice and planning for the future should really be done when we’re younger, but life doesn’t always work out that way. When retirement is just around the corner and you realise you’re not prepared, Netto Invest can help you get on track quickly with some fast thinking and comprehensive planning.

You’re working hard towards financial freedom.

You’re too busy to worry about tomorrow’s finances today.

That’s why we’re here.

Busy professional woman

Sometimes you just need to know there’s a professional out there with your best interests at heart.

As everyone’s situation is different, we meet you where you are.

Your finances are in order, but you’d like a sounding board and someone to take care of the admin

You’re financially savvy and have all your ducks in a row when it comes to your finances. But you just don’t want the hassle of the maintenance required to stay on track. That’s where Netto Invest can help – with an admin team in place to dot every i and cross every t, you won’t have to give the daily grind another thought.

Your partner took care of everything, but now that they’re gone you’d like to know you’re still OK

You’ve been taken care of financially and you know that you have nothing to worry about, but you’d still like an objective expert to give you that comfort every now and then. With every financial advisor being a qualified CFP® you’ll have peace of mind with Netto Invest.

You have enough money to retire comfortably and you want to make sure that stays the case

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today and now’s the time to enjoy yourself. If you’d rather be planning your holidays than planning your estate, Netto Invest could provide just the solution you’re looking for.