Who we are

Professional consultation

We are financial advisors with all the appropriate experience and qualifications to give you absolute peace of mind.

We hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity and pride ourselves on our ethos.

A chartered accountant, CFP® professional and managing director of Netto Invest, Cameron has an interest in the technical side of planning, which enables him to help his clients navigate complex financial decisions in order for them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Cameron McCallum

A chartered accountant by training, Richard completed his articles at Deloitte and Touche in Cape Town before gaining experience in the financial services industry in the US and UK. Richard enjoys applying his finely tuned analytical skills to developing financial solutions for clients.

Richard Sparg

The chairman of Netto Invest and FPI/Personal Finance Financial Planner of the Year in 2007, Ian is truly passionate about using his in-depth local and international experience and strong analytical skills to guide clients to make informed investment and financial decisions.

Ian Beere

An attorney by training with an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Netto Invest director Morné applies his expertise in investments and estate planning to analysing alternatives and making recommendations that help his clients and their families achieve their financial goals.

Morné Bezuidenhout

As a qualified chartered accountant, with a background in financial management and management accounting, Gareth strives to make a tangible difference in his clients’ lives by delivering objective financial advice to them over their lifetime.

Gareth Leonard

Starting his career in the service industry, Ryan completed his business degree before gaining experience at a listed financial services provider. He believes in the importance of being proactive in the ongoing financial planning process and applies this principle in the management of his client relationships.

Ryan Winter

A BCom graduate with a postgraduate diploma in financial planning, Jonathan’s holistic approach to financial planning is underpinned by well-researched and comprehensive advice. He believes in empowering retirees, investors and families to be in control of their own finances.

Jonathan Botha

A BCom graduate with a postgraduate diploma in financial planning and an advanced diploma in estate and trust administration, Michael helps individual and business clients by offering insightful and effective financial planning that focuses on ensuring a sound financial future.

Michael Maré

A BCom Honours graduate with a postgraduate diploma in financial planning, Chris is experienced in providing financial advice to a range of clients from those just starting out to high-net worth individuals, covering all levels of complexity.

Chris Pecego

What we do

Netto Invest is here to help you with your financial decision-making and once you’ve made your financial decisions we make sure that things get done.

We believe we are most effective where there is complexity – in your situation or in your financial portfolio.

We provide the full range of financial planning services

Offshore financial planning

Offshore investing has a place in everyone’s financial plan although you may not be sure whether you should invest offshore. We’ll assess your situation and advise what makes the most sense for you.

Investment management

With so many investment options, it can be hard to decide where to begin. We’ll put together an asset allocation plan, considering offshore investment, unit trust, endowment, retirement annuity, and other appropriate vehicles, and we’ll regularly review performance against your targets.

Estate planning

Everyone needs estate planning, but no-one really likes to think about their own mortality. It’s not only a matter of having a will in place. We take an objective approach to help you prepare your finances for those you care about most. And these days, as we are no longer all neatly packed into families with 2.4 children, estate planning will help avoid disaster.

Family office

We play a central role in the management of your financial affairs and investment portfolio, coordinating with any specialists and service providers to make sure that you and your finances are taken care of.

Tax planning

Essential to any financial plan, handling your tax needs special attention. We all have to pay our share, but we focus on making your tax situation work for you as best it can – using tax-efficient vehicles like tax-free savings accounts and retirements annuities.

Implementation and administration

Devising a financial plan is one thing; putting that plan into effect is certainly another! We deal with all the paperwork involved in your financial plan and make sure that everything is managed as it should be.

Retirement planning

With so many variables in play and so few guarantees, planning for retirement is no easy task. We consider where you are and where you need to get to. Then we build a plan together that will help you get there considering things like an asset allocation plan and offshore investing.

Risk management and insurance solutions

Preparing for the unknown, especially when the unknown could involve negative consequences, doesn’t usually make it to the top of people’s to-do lists. We make sure that you are appropriately covered for whatever life throws at you with the correct selection of life insurance, critical illness and disability cover, and medical insurance.

How we work

We cater for various levels of personal financial planning complexity.

From holding your hand to help you avoid mistakes and find opportunities, all the way through to fully managing a complex and intricate portfolio, we partner with you to build strategies to eliminate financial risk and build wealth.

The cost of our services

As fee-based financial planners, we charge a flat, quoted fee for a consultation and compilation of a full financial plan.

We charge an annual asset-based fee for the ongoing management of your financial affairs.

Our work is done in accordance with all compliance requirements and international best practice.


In a thorough consultation with you we will establish your financial situation and determine your needs.

Design a solution

We will design a solution that meets these needs and covers the selected aspects of your finances be it offshore financial planning, setting up a provident fund, advising on your retrenchment package – and everything in between.

Implement the plan

We will implement the agreed plan, completing any necessary paperwork and making sure that everything is taken care of.

Monitor and maintain

We will monitor and maintain your portfolio and communicate with you regularly on its progress.